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P5. Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
Monday, 12 February 2007 20:48
Dr. Herman Höfte, Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

This partner will carry out the genetic manipulation of cellulose/matrix ratio in Arabidopsis root cells. They will prepare the constructs and transform Arabidopsis, and will also characterize the expression of fluorescently-tagged fusion proteins using confocal microscopy in collaboration with P1, Anne Mie Emons. This group has a long standing interest in cell wall synthesis in plants and its role in the control of cell elongation, in particular in Arabidopsis and cotton fibres. They have isolated key genes required for cellulose and pectin synthesis and are studying the structure of the cellulose synthase complex and its trafficking through the secretory pathway. A major objective of our group is to understand how matrix polysaccharides and the cellulose synthesis machinery interact to control the synthesis of ß-1,4 glucan, its crystallisation into microfibrils and their orientation in the cell wall.

CVs Key Personnel

  • Herman Höfte. Senior scientist INRA (DR2) Supervision
  • Samantha Vernhettes, Scientist INRA (CR1) Cell biology and trafficking of components of the cellulose synthesis machinery
  • Grégory Mouille, Scientist INRA (CR2) Pectin synthesis and chemical imaging using FT-IR microscpectroscopy
  • Thierry Desprez, Engineer INRA (IR) Construction of XFP-marked reporter genes.
  • Graduate student , arrival end 2005 (INRA, ASC) statistical analysis of FT-IR profiles and chemical imaging of cell walls in developing roots.
  • Postdoc FP6, RTN, Wallnet. Genomics of pectin synthesis, identification of other key enzymes for pectin synthesis and their regulation.

Selected Publications

  • Mouille G., Ralet M.-C., Cavelier C., Eland C., Effroy D., Hématy, K., McCartney L., Truong H.N., Gaudon V., Thibault J.-F. , Marchant A., Höfte H. (2007) Homogalacturonan synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana requires a novel Golgi-localized protein with a putative methyl-transferase domain. Plant Journal, 50, 605-614.
  • Kannangara, R., Branigan, C., Liu, Y., Penfield, T., Rao, V., Mouille, G., Höfte, H., Pauly, M., Riechmann, J-L., and Broun, P. (2007) Plant Cell, 19, 1278-1294.
  • Emons, A-MC., Höfte, H., Mulder, BM. (2007) Microtubules and Cellulose Microfibrills, how intimate is their relation? Trends in Plant Science, in press66. Alpi, A., et al. (2007) Plant neurobiology, no brain no gain (2007) Trends in Plant Science, in press.
  •  Hématy, K., Sado, P-E., Van Tuinen, A., Rochange, S., Desnos, T., Balzergue, S., Pelletier, S., Renou, J-P., and Höfte, H. (2007) A Receptor-Like Kinase mediates the response of Arabidopsis cells to the inhibition of cellulose synthesis. Current Biology, 17, 922-931
  • Mouille, G, Witucka-Wall, H., Bruyant, M-P., Loudet, O., Pelletier, S., Rihouey, C., Lerouxel, O., Lerouge, P., Höfte, H. and Pauly. M. (2006) QTL analysis of primary cell wall composition in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiol. 141, 1035-44.
  •  Johansen, J.N., Vernhettes, S. and Höfte, H. (2006) The ins and outs of plant cell walls. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 9, 1616-1620.
  • Hématy K. and Höfte, H. Cellulose and Cell Elongation. (2006) Plant Cell Monographs, Verbelen JP and Vissenberg K. eds. The Expanding Cell.
  • Gonneau, M, Höfte, H. and Vernhettes, S. (2006) Chapter I Plant Polysaccharide - Biosynthesis of cellulose. In Comprehensive Glycoscience. Ed Elsevier (in press)
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  • Pagant, S., Bichet, A., Sugimoto, K., Lerouxel, O., Desprez, T., McCann, M., Lerouge, P., Vernhettes, S., and Höfte, H. (2002). KOBITO1 encodes a novel plasma membrane protein necessary for normal cellulose synthesis during cell expansion in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell, 14, 2001-2013.
  • Bouton, S., Leboeuf, E. Mouille, G., Leydecker, M.T., Talbotec, J., Granier, F., Lahaye, M., Höfte, H. and Truong, H.N. (2002) QUASIMODO1 Encodes a Putative Membrane-Bound Glycosyltransferase Required for Normal Pectin Synthesis and Cell Adhesion in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell, 14, 2577-2590.
  • Fagard, M., Desnos, T., Desprez, T., Goubet, F., Refregier, G., Mouille, G., McCann, M., Rayon, C., Vernhettes, S. and Höfte, H. (2000) PROCUSTE1 Encodes a Cellulose Synthase Required for Normal Cell Elongation Specifically in Roots and Dark-Grown Hypocotyls of Arabidopsis. Plant Cell, 12, 2409-2423
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