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P3. SweTree Technologies AB
Monday, 19 February 2007 17:43
Dr. Magnus Hertzberg, SweTree Technologies AB

SweTree Technologies AB is an SME working with plant and forestry biotech research and development. The company aims to be the leading provider of superior seedlings, tree genes and enabling gene technologies for future plantation forestry and also provides proprietary technologies and products to the seedling and forestry industry, the fibre industry (pulp, paper and packaging sectors), and for niche areas of the agricultural biotech business..

SweTree actively searches for genes that will improve the commercial properties of wood and wood products and also develops enabling technologies such as flowering control, promoters and environmentally friendly selection markers for transgenic trees. STT has developed a large-scale program for identification of genes and characterization of transgenic plants (FuncWood GENErator, RNAi and up-regulation platforms) involved in the control of flowering and wood formation. The company has filed over 40 patents belonging to 18 patent families and has already commercialized several of its inventions

In this project SweTree Technologies, in cooperation with P4, will construct RNAi lines and overexpression lines of key genes involved in cell wall formation, isolate and characterize promoters with specific expression patterns in the wood-forming zone, and .assist with all characterizations of growth and development of the transgenic plants using its tree phenotyping platform "FuncWood Explorer".

CVs Key Personnel

Dr. Magnus Hertzberg will supervise the work within STT. He is a plant molecular biologist with 9 years of experience working with forest biotechnology. Dr. Hertzberg is head of molecular biology at STT and is in charge of the daily operations in the STT molecular biology laboratory which currently employs 5 people.

Selected Publications and patents

  • Modulation of flowering time and growth cessation in perennial plants. (GB0420874.0).
  • Selective plant growth using D-amino acids. (PCT/EPO3/00222).
  • Improved constructs for marker excision based on dual-function selection markers (EP04006358.8).
  • Post harvest control of genetically modified crop growth employing D-amino acid compounds (EP04006377.8).
  • Erikson O, Hertzberg M, Näsholm T. (2004) A conditional marker gene allowing both positive and negative selection in plants. Nature Biotechnol. 22: 455-458
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