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P4. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Monday, 19 February 2007 18:13
 Prof. Björn Sundberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The group, in close collaboration with P3, SweTreeTechnologies, will produce transgenic poplars potentially modified in cellulose and matrix structure. Cell walls of wood fibres will be analysed using microscopy, spectroscopy and mass spectrometry by in-house technology and also be made available for the consortium partners.

Umea Plant Science Centre is a world-leading centre in forest biotechnology. UPSC have established all platforms required for state of the art work in functional genomics. The groups of UPSC have significantly contributed to establishing poplar as a model species for forest trees by sequencing 100,000 ESTs and developing a poplar microarray now with 20,000 unique ESTs. Moreover, databases for poplar metabolites and proteins are currently being established by the metabolomics and proteomics platforms. The expertise and research focus of the group is in wood biology. The proposed research is well in line with the interest of the group members and UPSC research profile.

CVs Key Personnel

  • Björn Sundberg Prof. Supervision.
  • Ewa Mellerowics (Ass. Prof.) Anatomy, microscopy, molecular biology and genomics of woody tissues
  • Thomas Moritz (Prof.) Mass spectrometry, wood development and analysis of wood.
  • Johan Trygg. (Ass. Prof.) Chemometric modelling.
  • Dr. András Gorzsás (Postdoc0 FT-IR microspectrometry and chemical imaging of wood.
  • Mr Kjell Olofsson (Technician). Plant culture and fibre analysis

Selected publications

  • Andersson Gunnerås S., et al.. 2005. Making cellulose enriched tension wood in poplar: global analysis of transcripts and metabolites identifies biochemical and developmental regulators in secondary wall biosynthesis Plant J (in press).
  • Aspeborg H, et al.. 2005. Carbohydrate-active enzymes involved in the secondary cell wall biogenesis in hybrid aspen. Plant Physiology 137: 983-997>
  • Jonsson P, et al.. 2005 High through-put data analysis for detecting and identifying differences between samples in GC/MS-based metabolomic analyses Anal Chem 77: 5635-5642.
  • Sterky F et al. 2004. A Populus EST resource for plant functional genomics. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101 (38): 13951-13956.
  • Jonsson P, Gullberg J, Nordström A, Kowalczyk M, Sjöström M, Moritz T (2004) A strategy for extracting information from large series of non-processed complex GC/MS data. Anal Chem 76: 1738-1745
  • Bourquin V, et al. 2002 Xyloglucan endotransglycosylases have a function during the formation of secondary cell walls of vascular tissues. Plant Cell 14: 3073-3088.
Trygg J, Wold S (2002) Orthogonal projections to latent structures (O-PLS). J Chemometrics 16: 119-128


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